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Chef  Francesco

Originating from Italy, Chef Francsesco learnt the fine art of pasta creation as a child, in his home kitchen with his nonna. This inspiration saw him pursue training to establish a Chef career working abroad in renowned restaurants, cooking for high profile people and exploring his love for combining innovation cuisine culture with Italian tradition. 

During his training, Chef Fransceco worked in Five Star Hotel kitchens of the Belmond and Roccoforte Hotels. He recalls watching the Chefs and being fascinated by their work and consciously made a promise to himself to one day be one of them. 

This passion grew and Chef Franscesco travelled abroad working in Switzerland, England, Scotland and Iran. He worked in restaurants, grand openings, hotels and experienced career highlights including cooking for President Clinton, Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell. 

Throughout his career and travel Chef Fransceco has been exposed to a variety of cuisines and his favourite dish comes back to his Italian roots of pasta. He especially loves stuffed pasta such as tortelli and ravioli of which he enjoys indulging in creating new flavour combinations. 

When asked about what brings Chef Franscesco satisfaction in his work he said, 

“The creation of a new dish and the satisfaction of receiving compliments for it. I enjoy thinking about how a dish will appear, the flavours that it must contain and the products I choose and the best part is when I present it.”  

As a Private Chef, Chef Franscesco hopes to bring an innovative cuisine culture based on Italian traditions, through the finest products that Western Australia and Australia as a whole, can offer.

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