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Chef  Valentina

Originating from Italy, Valentina's passion for hospitality established itself from the young age of 14 years. With determination beyond her years, she committed herself to gaining experience and developing skills, giving her the confidence to open her own restaurant, 10 years later.  

Valentina attended the Hotel and Catering School of Fiuggi, Italy. Her career commenced with initial unpaid work, as is often the way in Italy, and as her skills developed she went on to work on large weddings and functions.
Eager to grow her skills, Valentina travelled and worked in the UK, managing “Margutta Restaurant” in London. Returning home to Italy, with a passion for making people happy through food, she opened her restaurant “La Galeola”, 30km South of Rome.
"La Galeola" became a successful and reputable restaurant, featuring in Food Guides like Gambero Rosso, Osterie D'Italia and 2007 Michelin Restaurant Guide. 

The drive for a new adventure saw her move to Western Australia 10 years ago for a job offer, allowing her to bring authentic Italian flavours and skills with her. Since arriving in Australia, Valentina has worked in reputable restaurants such as Cantina 663 and Galileo Buona Cucina.
Valentina especially enjoys working with seafood and making fresh pasta and gnocchi. She brings something special and truly authentic to the Private Chef experience. 


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